Little Miss Princess and the Pea (Mr. Men & Little Miss Magic)

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A wonderful retelling of the Princess and the Pea with your favourite Mr Men and Little Miss!

When poor Little Miss Princess gets caught in a storm and her coach is stuck in the mud, she is very pleased to see the lights of a house in the distance. Unfortunately the house belongs to Mr Snooty, one of the rudest men in the world, and he’s not at all convinced that Little Miss Princess is really a princess.

Will Little Miss Princess be able to prove that she is indeed a princess? Perhaps the only way to prove it once and for all will be the famous pea under the mattresses.

The Mr Men and Little Miss Magic series takes kids on a series of sparkling adventures where they meet some extraordinary characters including a dragon, an ogre, a mermaid, a princess, a fairy, pirates and many others.

These colourful adventures will delight children of two years and upwards. Bold illustrations and funny stories make Mr Men and Little Miss the perfect story time experience.

ISBN : 9780755500840
BY (AUTHOR) Hargreaves, Adam
PUBLISHER : HarperCollins Publishers PUBLICATION DATE : July 08, 2021
LANGUAGE : English AGE : From 3 years
PRODUCT FORM : Paperback / softback
DIMENSION : 127 mm x 140 mm
WEIGHT : 50 g
SERIES : Mr. Men & Little Miss Magic

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